Mayan Mystery

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Mayan mystery has five pay lines. The developers of the free slots games have prepared the marvelous surprise feature for all fans of the free slots with spins. It means that you can obtain 10 free spins and the chance to collect more credits. The special wild symbol is represented by the temple symbol in this online slot. It symbol will pay symbols with free spins. When the scatter bonus symbol in place on the game of the free spin of course, you will be able to choose from there is to select and find the golden bonus game'll. When you match three or more than the symbols you'll become a bonus round. You can win in the more or at any combination to complete the game with any spin and make it all you can really easy.

Play Mayan Mystery Slot for Free

Software Cayetano Gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 10
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Adventure, Mystery
Slot RTP 91.84

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